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Our Latest plugin to manage your leads and contacts has been released on codecanyon.net!

WP Contacts is a WordPress plugin that gives you a complete contact management system right on the front end of WordPress. Assign the tool to a page and access from there! A snap to install and includes extremely powerful and highly customizable features.

Use it to manage leads, contacts, customers, or just about anything else you can think of! Create as many dynamic fields as you would like and display them in the order you want. Choose filtering options, upload images, associate and store files for each contact.  Take a look…

Our Latest WordPress Amortization calculator has been released on codecanyon.net!

WP Amortization Calculator is a professional, high quality, and highly customizable calculator that can be used for Mortgage, Auto or any kind of amortized loan. It can be inserted on a page or used as a widget, even multiple times.

Completely translation ready and included support for many different currency formats. Clean, material design will look great in any WordPress standards compliant theme.  Check it out…

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  • Exactly what I needed!! great and worth the money!

  • This is a godsend for our organisation.

  • Really pleased with the cost-benefit ratio. It is highly customizable and works great. First-rate documentation. Recommended.

  • This really is the Database you are looking for! It is so versatile and flexible that is can fit almost any situation.

    The support of the plugin is also worth a mention. Prompt, detailed and not condescending.

    Great work!

  • Really easy-to-use plugin that is easily customisable for different needs. Does what it says on the package.

  • This is a fantastic plugin. It enables us to manage our students easily. I love how customisable it is and the fact that it can be easily backed up to excel or csv. This is a brilliant plugin and I am glad I found it. Thank you!

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